Monday, April 16, 2012

Homespun Artist's Retreat

I am traveling this week to visit my 87-year-old mother in SC while my brother and his wife are away.  I decided to steal, ummm borrow,  ;-> an idea from one of my fellow artists in the mentor program, Terri West, of Orlando.  Being short on funds to attend a formal workshop, she decided to create her own art retreat at home for a week.  So, I have packed up my essential gear and canvases and paint, and have made the most of my week away from the distractions at home.  After recuperating from the 9-hour drive, I have managed to finish three paintings that needed fine tuning and prepared the background on several canvases and worked out my sketches for those.  I hope to at least get a number of starts done to take home to finish up.

Bright Eyes
@2012 Claudia Ballard
5 x 7 acrylic on canvas panel
I am working on a portfolio of animal portraits to hone my skills for doing pet portraits.  Will put together some flyers to leave at the veternarian offices and other pet friendly outlets to see if I can generate some commission work.  If you know any animal lovers, please help me grow my business.  Just ask me for referral postcards; they are stamped and ready for you to address and send to your friends and have a photo of one of my paintings.  (I even left room at the bottom for you to scribble a note if you like.)

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