Thursday, February 16, 2012

Getting Back Up

@2012 Claudia Ballard, Ricky Up a Tree, 5 x7 acrylic

If you trip and fall down, you don’t just lie there on the ground….unless something is seriously broken.  You hop up, dust yourself off, and go again.  Hopefully a little wiser to watch where you put your big feet. 
My blog and marketing plans suffered a tumble due to a mountain of tax returns, the “go-live” for two major new clients at the day job, capped off by our septic tank backing up into the house. 

So, I have filed returns, rearranged my work schedule, and cleaned up the mess.  I am learning to make better use of my time….writing this while waiting in line for customer service at the bank.  Have designed and ordered business cards and promotional materials.  Just need to find a balance in my schedule to make a place for my art, because I refuse to lie there and give up before I have even started walking.

We did have a wonderful session with our mentor group this weekend.  We have such different styles as artists, and we are all at different stages in the development of our art careers, but I am learning so much from all of them.  They have all helped me find a clearer focus for my work…so expect to see more wildlife and less trees. 

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