Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Walk In the Woods

It was really foggy this morning when I took Bonnie out for her walk.  The mist had settled on all the cobwebs leaving little white tufts of webs decorating the shrubs and undergrowth in the woods behind our house.  It would be lovely to paint, but I don't think it is possible (for me) to capture the delicacy of those little webs on canvas. 

Bonnie is my two-year-old Cocker spaniel.  She is a rescue dog we adopted last fall from the Florida Little Dog Rescue out of St. Cloud, FL.  Bonnie gives us lots of reasons to laugh as she discovers her new world--squirrels, birds, even a baby gopher tortoise.  The gopher has long since vacated his chambers for safer housing and we had laid bricks over its entrance to discourage the dog from digging under the steps.  But this afternoon the scent must have wafted up from somewhere and 20-pound Bonnie would not rest until she had dug up the pile of bricks and had her front half under the steps and down the hole.  She eventually realized nobody was "home" and gave up, but not until she had dirt stuffed in her ears and nose and her pink tongue was hanging out sideways.

We named this pup for another Bonnie--an amazing maternal black lab--who helped me overcome my fears and feel truly at ease with animals.  More about that to come.

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